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Workseed is a learning platform ( LMS ) that enables cost-effective and consistent training of staff.

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Why choose Workseed as a learning platform?

Easy for all users

Workseed LMS is designed for hands-on training.

There is nothing extra about the interface for the trainees, it is just essential at the right time. Workseed also works on mobile devices – even in overalls directly on the field.
Trainers can visually monitor the progress of the courses at group and individual level and can support the individual employee individually if necessary. The platform monitors and reminds the parties of delays.
Regardless of our user role, they will never be left alone with our platform. User support is always part of our service, so you can contact our customer support during office hours. We promise to respond within two hours!

Comprehensive features for multilingual content delivery

Workseed LMS includes easy-to-use tools for implementing online courses.

It is easy to make use of existing materials (eg PDF, PPT and videos from YouTube, for example) in the production of online courses and other educational content. You can enrich all your content with interactive H5P tasks.

One of the most used features is content support for parallel language translations. This feature keeps course management in check as the number of language versions increases.

We offer active customer support to all content producers, and on the versatile support pages you will find up-to-date information that will help you develop yourself as a provider of pedagogically high-quality online courses!


Competence development certification

Manage competencies, training content and events in one platform. Show your customers and partners the key competencies achieved by your staff.

At Workseed, the customer can define core competencies for different personnel groups and create online courses and other training content for their development. Qualifications may be granted on a temporary basis.

The validity of the qualifications is automatically tracked and the platform reminds the employee and the trainer as the qualification deadline approaches. Retraining can be done in complete peace, with either previous or updated training content.


Cloud based solution

Delivery of the SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud service is easy and fast for the company without large deployment projects or IT investments.

A genuine cloud service ensures seamless and secure use of the software, regardless of time zone and geographic location. We make sure that your data is always backed up and that the training platform complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

During implementation, we implement the necessary integrations with the company’s information management, such as
– Microsoft Active Directory, which allows you to log on with an Office 365 account
– Data transfers to the most popular HR systems on the market.


Our customers can theme Workseed according to their own brand and seamlessly create their own Academy!


Expert Services

We offer a wide range of expert services from product training to content production.

While producing content on a platform is easy, in many cases a company simply does not have the resources to produce content itself. Our content providers can implement them for you and you can focus purely on your core business.

You can always order training services for the efficient use of our software or for the training of content producers, for example for the versatile use of H5P.


Flexible pricing models

Our service agreements are based on fixed-price or active-use pricing.

There are often situations where the need for training is seasonally concentrated. For example, the annual maintenance of an industrial plant may cause a great need for training only for a short period of time. It can be taken into account in the pricing of our service contract.

We assess the training needs of each of our customers individually and offer the best pricing for each business.


Compromising on staff training is the wrong place to save!

Training using traditional methods is expensive, time consuming and inefficient. That is why it is often left undone. Consequences may include:

  • The staff may be sick
  • Turnover is high
  • Your team doesn’t trust you
  • The company’s competitiveness is suffering
  • Employees underperform
  • Occupational safety is in the back
  • Salespeople do not know how to sell
  • The commitment of retailers is questionable

However, this need not be the case. By adopting a modern learning platform, you can train your staff cost-effectively, quickly and regardless of time and place.

Why does the use of a modern learning platform make sense in companies?

Salespeople make better results

Train salespeople into product experts and let them shine when they really know what they know how to sell. Nor do they stop selling a product because they are afraid of objections they cannot answer.

Save your time spent on the essentials

In the traditional way, training by gathering at the same time and place is expensive and inefficient. Combining training and teamwork at the same time does not properly serve the purpose of either in the most effective way possible.

Measure and manage the development of competence

With the help of the visual instructor view, you know the level of each person’s competence by competence area. If necessary, you can focus on the skills of a particular employee in person.

Increase your attractiveness as an employer

Varmista henkilökuntasi osaamisen taso riittävälle tasolle ja lisää siten työhyvinvointia. Tämä puolestaan kertoo omaa tarinaa houkutellessasi uusia työntekijöitä taloon.

Train your staff faster

You no longer have to find a suitable common day in the calendar of the trainees and the trainer, but everyone will take care of their own share at a time convenient to them by the agreed date.

Make orientation an automatic process

At best, be instructed to handle the onboarding phase independently. Of course, this is not always possible, but at least the trainer’s time is saved a lot.

Make silent information visible inside the house

Don’t leave a company hostage to the expertise of one person, but to the expertise of many through a training platform.

Train temporary staff quickly and efficiently

From time to time, situations arise when there are a large number of people to be introduced or trained at once and they have to get through the process quickly. These situations include, for example, seasonal work, maintenance outages or, for example, unexpected repair contracts.

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Competitive advantage through skills development

Manage corporate training and on-boarding through Workseed LMS

Automatize routines

Organizing trainings requires time and resources. Automatic online courses and streamlined administration reduce burden on HR and allow trainers to concentrate on the relevant issues.

Consistent quality & transparency

Create transparent and repeatable workflows for training. Measure impact, identify skills gaps, and allocate resources to the right development areas.

Flexible training

Training deskless workers is not compatible with strict schedules and deadlines. Workseed provides training on workers' terms. Provide training just when and where it is needed, even on mobile devices.

How to streamline corporate trainings?
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Read more about the features

Workseed is an agile LMS for flexible learning. Read more about its features below.

  • Job on-boardings

    Train new employees at scale and with consistent quality.

  • Safety trainings

    Provide safety and workplace trainings and document them for audits.

  • Product & sales trainings

    Train sales representants, distributors, or users.

  • Certificates

    Manage competencies and certificates transparently through a centralized user interface.

  • Easy for all users

    The user interface has nothing unnecessary. The simple platform is easy for all users, whatever their background.

  • Implementation & maintenance

    The platform is provided as a turnkey solution. We will take care of maintenance, regular updates, data safety, and back ups for you.

  • Flexible pricing

    The service can be charged fixed or based on use. There is a model for every organization.

  • Cloud-based

    The platform can be used through a browser for any user, on any device. The platform is easy to implement in any organization.

  • Content production

    Create and curate new contents or recycle old notes into online courses. Content production is made easy with native and H5P tools.

Staff training is not the right
place to cut costs!

Traditional corporate training is expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. This is why many organizations skip it altogether. Under-investment in skills can lead to:

  • Staff welfare suffers
  • Staff turnover is high
  • Employees have little trust in management
  • Competitiveness suffers
  • Employees under-perform
  • Workplace safety is subpar
  • Sales under-performs
  • Distributors are not committed to you


This does not need to be the case. With a modern LMS, trainingcan be cost effective, flexible, and independent of time and place.


Workseed can be flexibly integrated with other information systems. 

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