Creanex and Workseed are building next generation simulation learning for vocational educators

The collaboration aims to meet the challenges of the reform of Finnish vocational education and training. As schools are forced to reduce the amount of classroom teaching and to find means for increase productivity, they have chosen to invest more on digital pedagogic with simulator based training. By using the advanced simulator solutions, students can learn the skills to control the work machines in cost effective and safe way. 

Isolated learning environments and several non-integrated software applications have been recognized by teachers as one of the most significant issues on the schools’ IT. Due to the missing tools, tracking the students’ skill progress is often relying on the teacher’s activity.

By using the Creanex’s virtual simulation solutions with Workseed, educators can utilize simulators more efficiently on the training. Skills developed on the simulators can be automatically visualized on student’s personal learning path and teachers can follow the official professional requirements while making the assessments. This improves significantly the reliability of the skills progress follow-up and the portfolio data is always available for the student and teachers.