Choosing a practical training platform is much more than just its technical features

Workseed’s pedagogical expertise and smooth implementation convinced Merivaara


Merivaara group is a leader in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, with surgery room solutions being a key focus and growth area. The company was established in 1901, and with its metal beds, improved hospital hygiene significantly. Today, Merivaara’s operating tables, surgical lights, OR integration and AV systems, and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals.


Merivaara’s products and solutions are sold both directly to end users and through an extensive distributor network around the world. Globalization poses a major qualitative challenge to the training process. Effective training and certification of distributors are important because of global competition and bring cost savings to all parties involved. The implementation phase of the training platform has also ensured that during the COVID-19 pandemic we have been able to continue offering training without interruption.


Up-to-date training materials are at the heart of the training process. However, it is not enough that the training materials are available to the trainees as online lectures, but the experience of using the material needs to be planned further. The content must be pedagogically functional and must inspire the trainees to genuinely acquire knowledge of Merivaara’s products and services. The training is not only a prerequisite for the safe use of products and solutions, but it also prolongs their life cycle and engages end users.


The substantive expertise gained from the Workseed team and their assistance in building the company’s concrete training vision has been very important for us. The implementation phase of the platform has been smooth, and we have also learned a lot from the pedagogical side during the planning phase of the trainings. Cooperation with the Workseed’s experts has been easy. When necessary, ad-hoc meetings have been held and practical training has been given. Since the implementation phase, Workseed has developed the platform based on our feedback and needs. Based on the positive feedback we have received e.g. from our distributors, we can say that investing in the training platform has been a good decision. The customer-oriented service of the Workseed team has been crucially important to us to get the training platform in use and running quickly and efficiently.


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– Nina Hälli, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Merivaara Corp