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Manage work-based learning from contract to feedback

Manage the entire process of internships in higher education and recognize competencies

Paperless management of internships

Administer the entire internship process efficiently. Workseed facilitates signing and archiving contracts, reporting working hours, and communicating between all parties (student, teacher, supervisor). The centralized cloud-based platform saves time, increases data safety, and reduces human errors.

Identify competencies

Workseed makes it easy to document learning and identify competencies. It adapts to different pedagogical models and facilitates learning in classroom, at work, and at home.

Reporting and analytics

Workseed offers tools for documenting and analyzing learning. The platform facilitates monitoring individual learners as well as analyzing broader impact of pedagogical methods.

Read more about the features

Workseed is an agile LMS for flexible learning. Read more about its features below.

  • Documenting internships

    Tools like diary, assignments, and internship specific assessment forms facilitate documenting studies.

  • Monitoring working hour

    Students can report and monitor working hours and produce reports. Digital administration of working times saves everyone's time.

  • Archiving documents

    All internship documents can be created, approved, and archived on Workseed for up to 5 years.

  • Internship portfolio

    Reports and documents that students create constitute a portfolio that can be used to demonstrate competencies during job search.

  • Ohjaus ja arviointi verkossa

    Vaivaton opiskelijan arviointi sitouttaa harjoitteluohjaajia paremmin työssäoppimisen prosessiin.

  • Monitoring studies

    Supervisors can easily follow how students are advancing. Students can understand their own workload better.

  • Cloud-based

    The platform can be used through a browser for any user, on any device. The platform is easy to implement in any organization.

  • Content production

    Create and curate new contents or recycle old notes into online courses. Content production is made easy with native and H5P tools.

  • Implementation & maintenance

    The platform is provided as a turnkey solution. We will take care of maintenance, regular updates, data safety, and back ups for you.

  • Flexible pricing

    The service can be charged fixed or based on use. There is a model for every organization.

  • Easy for all users

    The user interface has nothing unnecessary. The simple platform is easy for all users, whatever their background.


Workseed can be flexibly integrated with other
information systems using LTI and SCORM standards.

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