The provider’s proactive and fast-reacting customer support are crucial when deploying the training platform

Flowrox specializes in flow and process control, filtration, environmental technologies and industrial automation solutions. Originating from Finland, Flowrox has subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Russia, Sweden and the United States as well as more than 230 sales representatives in 80 countries.

“Workseed’s support for the deployment and scaling of the training platform has played a major role in opening the Flowrox Talent Academy to our staff and global partners. The ability to bring out training solutions that support the customer’s different staff groups is definitely a strength of the Workseed team. As a customer, we have not been left alone with the platform, and Workseed has offered expertise particularly in this. Therefore, when choosing the training platform, we recommend evaluating the customer orientation of the providers and their desire to understand the customer’s business.Taking all that into consideration, the platform can be launched with one try for international users within the agreed time frame.” 

– Marika Spencer, Training Coordinator