Workseed training platform meets the challenges of today’s training and development

The e-learning and HR platform industry world is full of various options but many of them unfortunately lack the important pedagogical aspects. What surprised me, having been working several years in human resources, was that Workseed has a solid base of Finnish pedagogy (platform is used in many vocational schools and applied universities in Finland). Workseed training platform enables employees and managers to easily interact with each other as a team and it includes smart reminders for submitting answers and completing necessary courses. In addition, with Workseed training platform businesses can identify their core competences and the certification processes are available on the same training platform as all the training courses. The certificates can be linked to the course completion and can be easily modified for each training.

One excellent example from the pedagogical innovations is to assist distance mentoring. Very often e-learning and HR platforms are online course centric but in reality professional excellence is built on the field in the real working environment. However often that fact is forgotten while selecting the training platform. When the platform offers integrated meeting tools with excellent mobile usability, the platform can be harnessed to capture and share tacit knowledge and turn it to valuable explicit knowledge. To end with, Workseed training platform is beneficial to any business who wants to enhance and improve their performance cost-efficiently. 


Marie Leivo, Digital Marketing Specialist